This is an fanfic version of USS's HHN future. (please edit)

HHN 4: Survive the Madness (2014)Edit

Main Icons

  • White truck gang
  • Mazes :
  • The purge Survive the night (New York)
  • Halloween the Revenge of Micheal Myers (Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure Queue)
  • Gravity falls The revenge of Bill cipher ( Madagascar: A Crate Adventure Queue)
  • The Walking dead No turning back now (Ancient Egypt)
  • Toho company presents GODZILLA'S RAMPAGE (New York)
  • Alice Cooper's Welcome To My Nightmare (JP Discovery Center)
  • SCREAM for your life (Battlestar Galactica Queue)
  • Scare zones:
  • The purge (Hollywood)
  • RUN for your life (New York)
  • Stab 5 (Sci-Fi City)
  • Bridge of the monsters (Ancient Egypt)
  • Rob zombie's Nightmares (The Lost World)
  • Tricks and Foons (Far Far Away)
  • ChainsawZ (Madagascar)
  • Shows:
  • Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure (Pantages Theater)
  • Beetlejuice Dead in concert (Waterworld theater)
  • ==HHN 4: Welcome to the Prison (2015)
  • ==HHN 5: Welcome to The Carnival of Carnage (2016)
  • Mazes :
  • Inisidious Welcome to the further  ( Madagascar A Crate Adventure Queue)
  • The Walking Dead:Dead inside (The lost World)
  • Alice Cooper Goes to Hell 3D (Battlestar Galactica Queue)
  • A Nightmare on Elmstreet Dreamwalkers (New york)
  • Evil Dead part 3 Army of Darkness (Hollywood)
  • universal's House of horrors (Revenge of the mummy Queue )
  • Psycho: Welcome to the Bates Motel (Shrek 4D Queue)
  • Friday the 13 Kill Jason Kill (Waterworld show Queue)
  • Jack the clowns Funhouse of Terror in 3D (JP Discovery Center)
  • Scarezones Midway of the bizzare (All Around the park)
  • Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure (Pantages Theater)
  • ==HHN 5: Welcome to the Bates motel  (2017)==
  • ==HHN 6 : Ripped from the sliver screen  (2018)==

Haunted Houses: Cabin in the woods (New York) Evil Dead (Waterworld show queue ) Chucky's Funhouse  (Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure) SLIVER SCREAMS (Hollywood)                                                      Frankenstein Creature of the dammed (Shrek 4d ride Queue) The Mummy Revenge of Imhotep (Mummy Queue) Afterlife Deaths vengance (JP Discovery center) Dracula A legacy of Blood (Madagascar A Crate Adventure Queue) a American werewolf in london ( Battlestar Galactica Queue) The Walking dead No Safe Haven (Treasure hunters Ride And Queue) Horror wood Drive in (All around the park)