Came out in September 25 2008 to keep Toy Story still alive after 9 years.

Wait time:Edit

During the wait time Woody and Jessie sing and dance and have a meetin' greetin' part before the show.


A cowboy doll who learns that his kid is going to grow up is stolen by a photographer who displays a group of 1950's toys and Buzz and the gang must save Woody.


  • It could be anywhere (Woody and Buzz)
  • Stick em' up your rootin tootin' cowboy (Andy)
  • There's a yard sale we better go and better go not so slow (Woody)
  • I'll find you Woody (Buzz)
  • Its you your finally here! (Woody and Jessie)
  • Woody's roundup (Woody,Jessie,Stinky Pete)
  • Did he gives up no he did not (Buzz and the toys)
  • Home of the brave (Buzz)
  • What's the matter (Woody and Jessie)
  • We must do it safley (Buzz and the toys)
  • When she loved me (Jessie)
  • Were going to Japan (Woody and Jessie)
  • You got a friend in me (Woody)
  • I must defeat Zurg (Utility Belt Buzz)
  • Almost there (Buzz)
  • Must save Jessie (Woody)
  • Yarn full of hair (Buzz)
  • You got a friend in me (Wheezy,Woody,Buzz,Jessie,Barbie dolls,Andy)
  • Woody's roundup (Woody and Buzz)